Question: How Long Does It Take For Linda Mama To Be Active?

Is maternity free in Kenya?

The Kenyan government has made significant and purposeful efforts geared towards improving the lives of women over the years and more recently, in June of 2013, Kenya declared maternity services free of charge, in all public health institutions across the country, a move that makes access to quality maternal health ….

How do I know if my NHIF is active?

How to check NHIF status via SMSGo to the main menu on your mobile phone and compose a message.At the message space, type ‘ID’, a space followed by the ID number or the Passport number if applicable. … Send the message to 21101.You’ll receive a message after your NHIF account status has been processed.

Does Nairobi Womens Hospital accept NHIF?

The Nairobi Women’s Hospital is NHIF… – The Nairobi Women’s Hospital | Facebook.

Does NHIF cover maternity in private hospitals?

Does NHIF cover maternity in private hospitals? Yes it does. NHIF board raised the amount paid for C-section deliveries from Ksh 18000 to Ksh 30000. It also raised the amount it pays for normal deliveries from Ksh 6000 to Ksh 10000.

What is Linda Mama cover?

Linda Mama provides a package of basic health services accessed by all in the targeted population on the basis of need and not ability to pay, positioning Kenya on the pathway to Universal Health Coverage ( UHC).

How does NHIF card work in Kenya?

All diseases in Kenya are catered for by the National Health Insurance Fund. … Kenyans can register for NHIF as members or as employers. Members fill the Members form and organizations fill the Employees form in Kenya. The NHIF submits claims by hospitals in Kenya once the member has been discharged from hospital.

How do you confirm a Linda Mama?

How To Register For Linda Mama Via PhoneStep 1 – Dial *263# on your phone.Step 2 – Select 1 on the NHIF mobile menu.Step 3 – Select your language option.Step 4 – Select Free Maternity as your scheme.Step 5 – Choose the type of identification for registration.More items…•

How long is Linda Mama active?

Linda Mama is a basic healthcare package that targets expectant mothers who are otherwise unable to pay for healthcare services. Through this initiative, pregnant women as well as infants will have access to quality healthcare for 6 months after delivery at no charge.

How much should I pay for NHIF per month?

For members under the voluntary category, they pay Kshs. 500 per month (Kshs. 6000 per annum). For those in formal employment, contributions are made as per their income.

How much does a pregnancy ultrasound cost in Kenya?

An individual prenatal visit to a private doctor that isn’t part of a package will cost a few thousand Kenyan Shillings, with additional costs for any tests and scans that you receive. An ultrasound can cost between KSH 600 and KSH 4,000.

What is Linda Mama?

Linda Mama is an expanded program for free maternity health package benefits that target all pregnant women who are Kenyan citizens. The package includes antenatal care, delivery, postnatal care, conditions and complications during pregnancy and outpatient care services for the infant for a period of one year.

What happens when you stop paying NHIF?

50 % penalty for each month defaulted/paid late, up to 11 months. If defaulted, you pay a one-year advance and wait 30 days before getting any benefits.

Does NHIF cover pregnancy?

Maternity on the NHIF. … For maternity, normal delivery NHIF covers up to Ksh. 10, 000 and Caesarean Section patients will get up to Ksh. 30,000.

How do I select a hospital for NHIF?

Hello Member, kindly select your choice of hospital/ facility using your feature phone (mulika mwizi) by dialing *155#, the Mobile App “My NHIF” that is available on Play Store/Apple Store and/ or the self-care portal on our website http://ſselfcare/.

How much do you pay for Linda Mama?

Linda Mama was to reach out to women and children from poor backgrounds. Under this package, the government promised to pay Sh6,000 per woman covered. Expectant mothers were entitled to at least four antenatal, delivery and post-natal checkups.

How much does NHIF cover maternity?

How much do maternity services cost? Normal delivery is KES 15000-20000 and NHIF covers KES 10,000. C-Section is KES 50,000-60,000 and NHIF covers KES 30,000.

How long does it take for NHIF to be active after payment?

How long after registration can you access the NHIF services? For the informal sector, you have to wait for 60 days while for the formal sector you only wait for 30 days.